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From our sign making shop, you will be pleased with these custom signs.  All signs are made from premium vinyl on .040 aluminum stock and they are punched for hanging.  Custom signs are our specialty.  Pick a stock design or let us know what you would like.  We can probably do it and still ship the next business day.  All 9x12, 12x12 and magnetic signs up to 12x12 are priced at $18.00 each.  Shipping and handling is $6.00 for the first sign, and just $3.00 for each additional sign on the same order.

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dx_zone.gif (41441 bytes)

DX Zone  12"x12" Black on Yellow

travelling_with.jpg (61331 bytes)

Let your fellow hams know you are on the air everywhere! Attach this 9x12 sign to the back of your travel trailer or motor home with screws or rivets.  We can leave off a frequency, or add a hometown.

yield_to_icom.jpg (58662 bytes)

yield_to_kenwood.jpg (56749 bytes) yield_to_yaesu.jpg (62140 bytes)

These signs are 12x12.  They are a lot of fun on the driveway or the door to the shack.  We also do these signs in the "Zone" format.

radio_active_no_call.jpg (64272 bytes) radio_act_w_call.jpg (64863 bytes)

The "Radio Active" sign is one of our biggest sellers at the Hamfests.  They make excellent gifts for the hams in your family or for friends.  12x12.

not_a_hobby.jpg (64820 bytes)

A fellow pulled in to my driveway a while back and looked out over the fields with the verticles and towers.  As I came out of the shack to say hello, he was shaking his head saying "I don't know what you're doing here, but you sure are serious about it!"  12x12 and your choice of vinyl color.

cw_zone.jpg (60752 bytes) cw_zone_no_mike.jpg (70004 bytes)

These are always a big seller at the DX Conventions.

speed_limit_45.jpg (55844 bytes) speed_20.jpg (56780 bytes) slow_5_wpm.jpg (67115 bytes) min_speed_20.jpg (50914 bytes)

Speed signs are always fun.


parking_your_call.jpg (59511 bytes)

"Parking" signs are always fun for yourself, or for gifts.  We can use names, car brand, AARP members, or whatever you can think of.  9x12.

Comm_this_event.jpg (51124 bytes)

Advertise your club at the public service events.  We do this sign on 18x24 "Cor Plast" corrugated vinyl. (The same stuff real estate signs are made of.. $18.00.

Signs for You or Signs for Gifts

10624_driveway.jpg (94254 bytes) 10624_sign.jpg (74485 bytes)

We can easily do custom signs.  This sign is a good example of a driveway/house number sign with a lot of the family interests depicted.  Just tell us what you have in mind.  Still just $18.00 per sign.

Animal Signs

Corgi_Zone.jpg (17135 bytes) Flaming_Xing.jpg (63778 bytes) Llama_Zone.jpg (16341 bytes) Persian_Zone.jpg (17205 bytes)

Pick an animal, we've probably got the graphic for it.

Holiday Signs

Reindeer_Parking.jpg (47330 bytes) Holiday_Parking_only.jpg (48455 bytes)

Name your holiday, and we can do the sign for it.

Other Hobbies and Sports Signs, Parking Signs, and Signs for the Grandkids Birthday And More Animal Signs 

Spinning_Zone.jpg (22029 bytes) Fastback_Stall_Sign.jpg (11678 bytes) Knitting_Zone.jpg (19832 bytes)   Parking_Boxster_S.jpg (12356 bytes) Mcduff_Studio.jpg (57160 bytes)
Parking_For_AARP.jpg (48463 bytes)

Parking_For_Fishermen.jpg (45259 bytes)

Soccer_Zone.jpg (234511 bytes)


Zone_Dragon.jpg (66050 bytes)

Zone_Stupid_Dog.jpg (76775 bytes)

Zone_Stupid_cat.jpg (75526 bytes)


Commercial Signs

Comm_Sys_Sign.JPG (65120 bytes) Mag_Comm_Sys.JPG (72357 bytes) Sound_Llamas.jpg (15499 bytes) Llama_Capture_Heart.jpg (18201 bytes) Ears_Eyes.jpg (62839 bytes)

We do aluminum signs up to 18" x 24".  Magnetic signs up to 12" x 12" for one vehicle or a fleet. Let us know what you need.


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