The QslKit

You never have to wait for the printer again!
Publish your own QSL Cards using your PC and ink jet printer.

Custom printing your own cards is fast and easy.  Instantly update your awards progress on your cards.  Use a photo of you or your shack for that super custom look.  Have a stack of cards ready to mail the day you get back from that vacation Dxpedition.  You can make a few professional looking cards for your club call or a seldom used callsign.

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The QslKit is a pack of 100 8.5" x 11" special coated 90# card stock that we developed, that has been extensively tested on many ink jet printers for razor sharp ink transfer.  Each sheet of 4 cards has been "Micro Perforated" to separate easily and cleanly.

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 The cards are arranged in a 4-up bank of 3.5" x 5.5" cards to be printed in landscape orientation on your printer.  We have tested the ink transfer and paper feed on numerous modern Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Epson  and Lexmark printers with excellent results. 

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Included with your  order at no additional cost is a CD with basic QSL card formats in MS Publisher and MS Word 97 formats to get you started, as well as scans of customer cards for ideas, and an assortment of graphics to use on your card!  Just change the personal information in the text boxes, and your own photo or graphics, and print.  You can be making your own cards in minutes.



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Hello Ron,
          Second package of card stock arrived safely about 1 hour ago, thanks for the praise Hi. Well I have improved a lot and printing on your white stock has made more difference than I expected. I saw the
previous samples on your web site and I don't think they do your product justice on the ivory stock. I will attempt to attach my improved efforts and if you wish you can change those presently on your site. If attaching
them doesn't work out I'll put them in the mail. Personally I think picture cards are a better selling point for your product. You were right about the white stock, it is a bit flimsier than the ivory, however, that has advantages also, they weigh less when you send 200 to the outgoing bureau Hi.   Design info. I use "Microsoft Picture It Publishing" to produce the QSL image which I then insert into "MS Publisher 97" using the format on your disk
modified to produce a 1/8th inch border around the picture, this eliminates the non printing area problem at the sides. To eliminate the  problem of the non-printable area on the bottom of the page I set up the
page size as 8.5 by 14 in the printer set up. My printer will then print to within about 1/8th inch of the bottom of 8.5 by 11 stock. The printer here is an Epson Stylus Photo 870.
Good Luck & Tks


The price of the QslKit is $15.00 per hundred (makes 400 cards) plus $7.00 per hundred s/h. Canada and Mexico s/h is $25.00 and Western Europe and Asia is $30.00.  Be sure to specify standard Ivory color or optional White.

swlcard.jpg (80345 bytes)

I have always struggled with how to fill out SWL cards.  This design makes it pretty easy.


NEW!  If you are challenged by graphics and simply wish to print your own cards, we will scan your existing card to our format for $12.00 additional with the purchase of the QslKit.  We will design your card with your graphics or ours starting at $20.00.  You will receive the completed MS Publisher file or printable .PDF file on an additional CD with your order, or via E-Mail.  Turnaround time on design services is usually less than 48 hours.

Most design work is done by my daughter Gentry who is the model throughout the web site.  Just contact Ron for more details. QslKit Standard now supported by Growing Number of Logging Programs!


4UP_Logic5.jpg (86538 bytes)
Logic 8 Prints QSO Info and card in one pass!

If you are in need of an all around logging program that does it all, CLICK HERE for Logic 8.  Logic also has report formats that support our QslKit cardstock to print the QSL card with your full graphics, and the confirmation information in one pass automatically.

N3JL's QSL program now supports the QslKit!  Joe's program is a stand alone QSL publishing program at a very reasonable price.  Click here for the N3JL QSL Program.

A new program that supports our card stock is MicroLog by Jerry Gentry WA0H.  Click here for a free trial download.

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