Callsign Name Badges

We now carry the most stunning and eye catching name badges available anywhere. These badges are made from thick plastic with a full color process overlay to make a tough as nails glossy finish that really shows up.

We have many stock organizational graphics and we are building our library of club designs. Pick a graphic, pick a background color, and tell us what copy you want on the badge. All 2 x 3 badges are $10.00 plus $1.50 s/h in the U.S., and we ship the next business day! We ship badges anywhere in the world for $2.00 each. All badges shown on this page are 2" x 3".  We also have 1 1/4" x 3" badges we can do with Call/Name, or a small graphic.  The small badges are $8.00 plus $1.50 s/h and all come with a pin back.


Click on any image below for full size badge


Send us your club LOGO in any graphic form, along with the design in MS Pub format if you have it.  We want to be your club badge supplier.


3905ccbadge.GIF (16167 bytes) CapPkRnd.jpg (21156 bytes) Badge_W7DK_Large.jpg (11187 bytes) Badge_NCDXC.jpg (13103 bytes) W2USA_Large_Badge.jpg (13935 bytes)
Badge_NCDXC_Red.jpg (13977 bytes) Badge_SCDXC.jpg (14143 bytes) RebelsBadge.jpg (15020 bytes) TotemBadge.jpg (36662 bytes) Badge_Country_Cousins.jpg (14600 bytes)
Badge_FRC.jpg (15008 bytes) Badge_FOC.jpg (14580 bytes) Badge_German_DX.jpg (11764 bytes) Badge_Heartland_DX.jpg (15381 bytes) Badge_West_PA.jpg (13544 bytes)
Badge_Lonestar_DX.jpg (14832 bytes) Badge_NFLA_DX.jpg (14874 bytes) Badge_N_Jersey_DX.jpg (15689 bytes) Badge_PVRC.jpg (16142 bytes) Badge_Razorback.jpg (13695 bytes)
Badge_Rhein_Ruhr.jpg (14322 bytes) Badge_S_Fla_DX.jpg (12774 bytes) Badge_North_Rockies_DX.jpg (15603 bytes) Badge_Delta_DX.jpg (14780 bytes) Badge_Great_Falls.jpg (46636 bytes)
Badge_Bitteroot.jpg (40178 bytes) BaDGE_kAMIAK.jpg (40363 bytes) Badge_Telephone_Pioneers.jpg (39391 bytes) Yucaipa Valley ARC w arrl.jpg (16336 bytes) MilwReptrGrp.jpg (24081 bytes)


ARRLVEbadge.jpg (12124 bytes) Badge_DXCC_5BD.jpg (14293 bytes) Badge_DXCC_HR.jpg (14014 bytes) Badge_life_memb.jpg (49950 bytes)
Badge_Mars.jpg (42271 bytes) Badge_QCWA.jpg (18501 bytes) RacesBadge.jpg (50584 bytes) skywarnbdg.jpg (33823 bytes)
Badge_IARU.jpg (13591 bytes) Badge_ARES.jpg (15103 bytes) React Badge 1.jpg (20836 bytes)  


Badge_Plate_AK.jpg (43297 bytes) Badge_Plate_AL.jpg (37092 bytes) Badge_PLate_Alb.jpg (38817 bytes) Badge_Plate_AR.jpg (39760 bytes) Badge_Plate_AZ.jpg (44530 bytes)
Badge_Plate_BC.jpg (48416 bytes) Badge_Plate_CA.jpg (35622 bytes) Badge_Plate_CO.jpg (34248 bytes) Badge_Plate_CT.jpg (41597 bytes) Badge_Plate_DC.jpg (41963 bytes)
Badge_Plate_FL.jpg (39090 bytes) Badge_Plate_GA.jpg (36776 bytes) Badge_Plate_HI.jpg (38931 bytes) Badge_Plate_IA.jpg (38366 bytes) Badge_Plate_ID.jpg (39230 bytes)
Badge_Plate_IL.jpg (35409 bytes) Badge_Plate_IN.jpg (39526 bytes) Badge_Plate_KS.jpg (36894 bytes) Badge_Plate_KY.jpg (43316 bytes) Badge_Plate_LA.jpg (35963 bytes)
Badge_Plate_MA.jpg (39664 bytes) Badge_Plate_MB.jpg (49666 bytes) Badge_Plate_MD.jpg (36650 bytes) Badge_Plate_ME.jpg (41013 bytes) Badge_Plate_MI.jpg (39955 bytes)
Badge_Plate_MN.jpg (40884 bytes) Badge_Plate_MO.jpg (40500 bytes) Badge_Plate_MS.jpg (37976 bytes) Badge_Plate_MT.jpg (47924 bytes) Badge_Plate_NBR.jpg (35296 bytes)
Badge_Plate_NC.jpg (42244 bytes) Badge_Plate_ND.jpg (45890 bytes) Badge_Plate_NE.jpg (41320 bytes) Badge_Plate_NF.jpg (46238 bytes) Badge_Plate_NH.jpg (38695 bytes)
Badge_Plate_NJ.jpg (38524 bytes) Badge_Plate_NM.jpg (46854 bytes) Badge_Plate_NV.jpg (38687 bytes) Badge_Plate_NY.jpg (40329 bytes) Badge_Plate_OH.jpg (33417 bytes)
Badge_Plate_OK.jpg (40345 bytes) Badge_Plate_ON.jpg (40717 bytes) Badge_Plate_OR.jpg (39445 bytes) Badge_Plate_PA.jpg (42527 bytes) Badge_Plate_RI.jpg (42850 bytes)
Badge_Plate_SC.jpg (41627 bytes) Badge_Plate_SD.jpg (52180 bytes) Badge_Plate_TN.jpg (35140 bytes) Badge_Plate_TX.jpg (36168 bytes) Badge_Plate_UT.jpg (39328 bytes)
Badge_Plate_VA.jpg (40101 bytes) Badge_Plate_VT.jpg (44439 bytes) Badge_Plate_WA.jpg (38658 bytes) Badge_Plate_WV.jpg (40589 bytes) Badge_Plate_WY.jpg (45947 bytes)

Plain Text or Add a Graphic

Baddge_Tower.jpg (12818 bytes) Badge_4_el_yagi.jpg (13286 bytes) Badge_Gradient_Blue.jpg (14227 bytes) Badge_Gradient_Green.jpg (13924 bytes) Badge_Gradient_Red.jpg (14212 bytes)
Badge_Mike_head.jpg (15137 bytes) Badge_st_Key.jpg (12503 bytes) VoiceActBadge.jpg (40841 bytes) yellowMicBadge.JPG (21380 bytes) Badge_Brass_Key.jpg (14537 bytes)
Badge_Am_Flag.jpg (19009 bytes)        

A Sampling of 1 1/4" x 3" Badges
Small badges are available only with the standard pin back. Order with plain text or use any graphics from our site.

Badge_Small_ARES.jpg (9477 bytes) Badge_Small_Text.jpg (10514 bytes) Badge_W2USA_Small.jpg (9719 bytes) Badge_W7DK_Small.jpg (9463 bytes) Badge_WWDXC_Small.jpg (10340 bytes)


Badges are available with the standard pin back or the Bulldog combination pin/swivel clip.  They will be shipped with the pin back if not otherwise specified.

Don't like to pin or clip your badge?  Order your 2"x3" badge with the bulldog clip back, and this 18" lanyard and clip your badge to the metal ring.  Lanyards are $3.00 each, and free shipping with any other order. Lanyards are $1.00 s/h for any quantity with no other order.

With the color process we use, we can do literally just about any badges you could think of, and with NO SETUP CHARGES!  We can use any image, in any format. Club presidents get half price for the first badge with the club logo!

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